Our Chefs

Our Chefs

Food and passion are synonymous, you cannot create a decadent masterpiece without truly appreciating the essential role each element plays when combining texture and flavour. Tom possesses this talent, with an absolute love for food (almost as strong as the love for his motorcycles) you can dine at ease knowing his hands are finessing the very best for your taste buds.

As an experienced Head Chef, Tom has a track record of creating great food that entices diners and leaves them wanting more.

Come in and enjoy a delicious meal and don’t forget to say Hello to Tom and his team at Medley KP!

Yu developed a keen interest in food and cooking at a very young age, having to prepare meals independently whilst the hard-working parents toiled long hours to sustain a business. At the age of 18 he gained entry to the prestigious TSUJI Culinary Institute in Japan and went on to complete his training in 2008. From there he joined the highly regarded, three Michelin-star restaurant of Paul Bocuse fame, working at associated establishments throughout Japan.

Yu’s underlying passion of the creative thought process is a critical component in making wonderful dishes come to life, often defining new possibilities along the way. This intrinsic level of creative thinking is equally matched with skilfully executed presentation. Yu’s mastery of culinary delights always inspires and evokes wonderful sensory reaction.

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